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Since 1980, Carmichael & Stanton, LLC has focused on defending Oregon's taxpayers in property tax appeals.

Cartoon showing your home as seen by five different types of people. Your buyer sees your house smaller than you. You see your house slighly larger than the buyer. Your lender sees your house smaller than the buyer and you. Your appraiser sees your house as tiny. Your tax assessor sees your house as a mansion.

While the above cartoon is humorous, there is nothing funny about the government over-taxing your property year after year. Tax dollars add up quickly, which is why it is important for you to know that you can challenge your assessment. A timely property tax appeal will focus on reducing your current year assessment, which if successful can reduce your future taxes into the next 5 years. Depending on the facts of your case, it might even be possible to reduce your assessments (and receive refunds of taxes --- with interest) of the 2 prior tax years. And, in very limited circumstances involving assessor clerical errors, refunds for five years may be possible. 


Carmichael & Stanton, LLC has litigated every type of property tax appeal including: residential, commercial, industrial, personal property, and exemptions. These property tax appeals have also involved various stages of appeal, including: the board of property tax appeals, the Oregon Revenue Department, and both divisions (Magistrate and Regular) of the Oregon Tax Court. 


There are several stages of a property tax appeal but they all have one thing in common - they are adversarial proceedings.


  • The taxpayer has the burden of proof.


  • There is a trained appraiser representing the county assessor or the state revenue department at every hearing. Sometimes they are represented by an attorney as well.


  • At the county board of property tax appeals, the hearing is presided over by members appointed by the county commissioners.  Appeals of the county board orders are before a magistrate, or a judge, depending on the level of appeal at the Oregon Tax Court.  All magistrates and judges are licensed attorneys.


Carmichael & Stanton, LLC's professional legal services provides powerful and experienced advocacy that your property tax appeal deserves.


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