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Office Dog

Quixote (kee-HO-tee) joined Carmichael & Stanton, LLC in 2013. He spends most of his day sleeping and barking at the mail man. Quixote's favorite part of the office day is his walk with Kathy to take the mail out and when Kathy distributes the dog treats she brings in for him. 


Before becoming an office dog, Quixote lived a tough life on the streets of Southern California. He was picked up by animal control and resided at a high kill animal shelter until he was saved by the Animal Defense Rescue in Washington State. David found an ad for Quixote on petfinder and the rest is history.


David picked the name Quixote because he noticed on walks when geese would fly overhead that the dog would try to jump in the air to catch them. He instantly thought of the silly hearted Don Quixote and settled on Dog Quixote.


When not at the office, Quixote loves spending time with his best friend Buster (Jamie's rescue dog), going for long walks, and traveling to the beach.